Soooo... what is life coaching???


If you’ve never heard of life coaching, you’re not alone.  Coaching is still a relatively new field, so it’s understandable that there would be some questions about what it actually is and what the benefits of it are.


Coaching helps people go from where they are right now
 to where they want to be in the future.


While counseling supports people as they work through past events, coaching supports people as they tackle their present circumstances and take steps toward where they’d like to be in the future.


Here are some common questions I receive about coaching...


What do I do as a life and faith coach?

Just as business coaches help their clients grow their businesses and reach their full potential as business owners, I help my clients grow in their lives and faith to reach their full, God-given potential.  As a coach, I ask my clients questions that cause them to think about their situations in a way they maybe haven’t before.  I provide insight when needed by reflecting my clients’ thoughts or words back to them in a different way.  I support, encourage, and lovingly hold my clients accountable as they’re achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves during our time together.  I also lovingly point out blind spots that my clients haven’t been able to realize on their own.

My goal as a life and faith coach is to help women grow closer to God and to truly come alive in Christ - to come alive in the season He currently has them in and to not merely survive but thrive!  

To come alive each day, in each situation.  

To come alive as the confident, gifted woman He created her to be.  

To allow Him to create change in their lives from the inside out, starting with the renewing of their minds.  

Then as the mind is being renewed, we begin to build new habits and create new patterns of both thinking and living.  Old stories, old habits, old patterns are left behind for new stories, habits, and patterns - a new way of life!  A new way of life as a confident, beloved woman of God who is living out her calling with purpose and intention.  

To allow Him to change their story:

from “I can’t do this” to “I can do all things through Christ”  (Philippians 4:13).

from “I’m a hot mess” to “I am wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

from “I’m not enough” to “I am complete in Christ” (Colossians 2:10).

from “Nothing ever works out for me” to “I am surrounded by God’s favor” (Psalm 5:12).


Who is life coaching for?

It’s for the sisters who…

  • Would like to grow, move forward, or challenge themselves in one or more areas of life.

  • Are in a season of transition and would like to maintain their clarity, focus, and motivation during this time.

  • Are ready for more growth, more steadfastness, more of Him in their daily lives.

  • Have been given the green light and they’re ready to move forward with Him into a new season.

  • Have been given a goal or dream by Him and they’d like some support, encouragement, and accountability as they bring His dreams for them to life.

  • Know they’re totally capable of reaching their full potential; they just need a little motivation and cheering on to get there!


What kinds of goal areas do my clients want to work on?

Here are several goals some of my previous clients set and achieved during our time together:

  • "To mindfully tell my money where it will go."

  • "Live in the Spirit each day."

  • "To be kind and compassionate toward myself."

  • "Make decisions with joy, lightness, and freedom."

  • "Stay in my own lane."

  • "To live each day with strength and confidence."


Here are a few of the awesome things some of my clients have accomplished through coaching with me:

  • Created and stuck to a budget while also putting money into savings

  • Overcame a feeling of being “stuck” spiritually and discovered new ways to interact with God

  • Became more self-confident and self-loving than ever before

  • Beat procrastination and developed a daily routine to get things done in a way that was enjoyable and not overwhelming

  • Went from waking up with a sense of dread to waking up with a sense of joy and excitement

  • Learned to create a new system for organizing ideas and a new plan for working toward dreams

  • Developed an entirely new framework for making decisions, going from stress and anxiety to joy and freedom

  • Discovered a stronghold that had been in place for years and began working on a new mindset to replace the old one

  • Saw God move and work like never before as she learned to be still and wait on Him instead of running ahead of Him


Why do people decide to work with a life coach?

The one thing that all of my clients have in common is that they are ready for growth and change.  Some of them want to make small changes such as creating a daily routine they love or taking better care of themselves or overcoming procrastination or a season of feeling "stuck".  Some of them want to make bigger changes such as overcoming long-term strongholds or blocks that have been holding them back, or to make changes such as becoming more self-confident or self-loving.  Clients seeking bigger changes are ready to dig in deep and move forward by releasing old stories and excuses they've held onto for years.  Some clients come to me with a goal in mind, such as developing a healthier lifestyle or creating a budget, and they simply want some accountability as they work toward it.  Some clients are seeking clarity or want to discover what they really want in their lives or current situation.


Here are a few reasons some of my clients decided to work with me in their own words:

- Airriaunte Mercer, Blogger

- Airriaunte Mercer, Blogger



"I was all over the place before working with Abigail because I had so much I wanted to do, and I needed a push to get myself together and organize and prioritize my time.  Abigail helped me identify my priorities and create a schedule to organize my time.  One of the biggest things I've learned is that it's ok and necessary to take a break now and then."




- Minseon Kim, Software QA Engineer

- Minseon Kim, Software QA Engineer



"I wanted to work with Abigail to clarify and confirm the direction I was going, as I was in a period of transition and there were several options I could choose.  Abigail asked me some pointed questions right away that helped me to really think about my situation, and I was able to see the actual root and source of some blocks that had been holding me back.  With her help, I was also able to come up with some solutions and ways to work through these blocks."

- Kelsea Watkins, Behavior Coach and Blogger

- Kelsea Watkins, Behavior Coach and Blogger






"While working with Abigail, I was able to work on some personal goals like strengthening my self-confidence and my relationship with my husband.  I've also started setting and working toward monthly goals for myself.  I'm excited to see what God has in store for my life as I keep working toward these goals!"



- Hannah Murphy, Life Coach and VA

- Hannah Murphy, Life Coach and VA




"I decided to work with Abigail because I wanted to move forward.  I was at 'A' and wanted to get to 'B.'  I wanted a joy for life again, self-confidence to stay in my own lane, and clarity around what my next steps would be.  Now looking back three months later, I am amazed that I have come so far!"






Can coaching "fix" my "problem"?

Since becoming a coach, I’ve encountered a misconception that people who seek coaching have “something wrong” with them or that coaching somehow “fixes” people.  I believe this is an incorrect perception of coaching.  My clients don’t need “fixing” - they need encouragement, support, feedback, and accountability (and really, who doesn’t need those things?)  They don’t “have something wrong” with them - they are looking to grow and change and challenge themselves (again, don’t we all want those things for ourselves?)

Coaching isn’t about “fixing” people.  It’s about creating an environment through goals, actions, encouragement, and accountability that supports growth and change in whatever areas of life that the client wants to grow in or change.

Working with a life coach doesn’t necessarily mean something is “wrong” in your life.  In fact, it often means something is right - you’re ready to move forward!  That’s always a good thing.


Is coaching right for me?

Coaching may be right for you if:

  • You have a strong desire to grow and move forward in your life.

  • You’re READY to make changes.

  • You’re willing to do the work it will take to make those changes.

Coaching is not right for you if:

  • You like where you’re at and don’t see the need for change.

  • You aren’t willing to do the work it will take to make changes in your life.

  • You need to process past hurts or traumas.

  • You’re currently experiencing a major trauma.