Celebration Stories from Previous Clients


I've been so blessed to work with some amazing women who are doing some amazing things!


Hannah Murphy, Life Coach and VA  Australia

Hannah Murphy, Life Coach and VA


Before my coaching experience, I was feeling overwhelmed and like I wasn’t being the best version of myself that God had created me to be.  I was struggling to have confidence in myself and felt like I was close to burning out.  I wasn’t loving my life as much as I could be and I just wanted to learn to dance again through every season like I had in the past.  I knew I needed a change but had no idea what that change would look like or what I needed to do to get there.

I decided to work with Abigail because I wanted to move forward.  I was at 'A' and wanted to get to 'B.'  I wanted a joy for life again, self-confidence to stay in my own lane, and clarity around what my next steps would be.  After having a rough year, I wanted to be able to finish my year on a positive note and work through how that may look.

Now looking back three months later, I am amazed that I have come so far!  I grew more than I thought I could, I learned beyond what I thought possible and experienced a huge amount of growth which feels AMAZING.  I was able to become more organised and be equipped to not feel so overwhelmed.  I was able to grow in confidence and learned that my confidence should be based on God (which is great because He doesn't change).  I don't have time and space to list everything because wow - I could go on forever!  Yet one thing I will always take hold of was learning just how powerful it is to have a coach like Abigail to walk the journey with you.  I learnt that I wasn't designed to do this journey alone and it felt awesome to have someone I was able to comfortably open up to and know that she was cheering me on in every step, that really was so valuable and a crucial part to the success I achieved from working with Abigail.  When I did my best and she always did hers, we were able to accomplish some awesome goals!

When I started my coaching sessions I was scared of even thinking about the future because it felt clouded, overwhelming, uncertain, and not what I wanted it to be.  Yet now I have learnt to smile again at the future because I learnt through this coaching that it is okay if I don't know the future.  In fact, I am now looking forward to the future because I have learnt to become excited about the unknown.  Abigail taught me to fully trust God and pray through the hard seasons.  As we worked on my goals, all of a sudden I was achieving them and getting out of negative mindsets, so now when I look to the future, I just can't help but smile because I know it will be awesome and it has already felt so good to be able to look back to how I did feel and realise that through all that uncertainty and unanswered questions and the mystery of the future, that God was with me the entire time and He orchestrated it to work out better than I would even imagine.

Melissa Temple, Grad Student  USA

Melissa Temple, Grad Student


During a time in my life when I was feeling stuck, I wanted an opportunity to grow and change, so I decided to undergo a coaching series with Abigail. Since completing my coaching series, I have become more reflective and now look at my life with more hope and optimism. I have been challenged to recognize and replace false thought patterns with truth and been encouraged to pray with confidence and persistence. I feel that I have learned skill sets that will guide me well into my future endeavors. I have even begun a new career path and am hopeful about where it may lead.

Abigail was a wonderful friend and guide along this transitional season as I said goodbye to one part of my life and welcomed in another. The accountability and encouragement I received from my coaching experience was deeply transformative.  Abigail was committed to me and had confidence in my success.  She remembered where I had come from and helped me recognize the positive changes in my life when I couldn't see my own progress, and I loved how she taught me to recognize and celebrate every small step of growth!  Abigail's faith encouraged me spiritually and I was amazed at her commitment to consistently pray for me. I also appreciated how she didn't create goals for me but helped me help myself by giving me space and encouragement to decide what I wanted and to make this journey my own.

Arianna Gray, Founder of  Remain Authentic   USA

Arianna Gray, Founder of Remain Authentic


I'm multi-passionate and have many ideas, dreams, and goals, but I had begun to feel lost and burned out because I did not know what steps I should be taking to work towards my goals or how to organize my thoughts in a way that wouldn't seem so overwhelming.  Now thanks to my time with Abigail, I have a clearer understanding of where my priorities are and what is most important to pursue in the present, while still having excitement for what is in the future.  The process that I created with Abigail for achieving my dreams and goals has helped me not become so overwhelmed while working toward my passions.  It's also been freeing to be able to release some fears and share more of who I am in my creative work and has helped me to connect more with other creatives.  Now that I have a system in place for focusing on my priorities and organizing my ideas, the feeling of always being overwhelmed has left and my love for lettering and the reasons why I started Remain Authentic in the first place have resurfaced.

Abigail is a great listener!  Her insight on doubts and struggles that I have had with my walk with God has helped me see the purpose in what I am doing in a new light.  She offered great advice on what I can be focused on now as opposed to trying to achieve everything all at once.  I also love her heart for helping others find breakthrough in their journey.  Her words encourage me to keep pursuing what God's placed in my heart despite wanting to give up.  And I LOVED ending each session in prayer.  It was so encouraging to have another sister in Christ to not only listen to my struggles but also lift them up in prayer.

Airriaunte Mercer, Blogger at  Fearlessly Fit Faith   USA

Airriaunte Mercer, Blogger at Fearlessly Fit Faith


I was all over the place before working with Abigail because I had so much I wanted to do, and I needed a push to get myself together and organize and prioritize my time.  Abigail helped me identify my priorities and create a schedule to organize my time.  One of the biggest things I've learned is that it's ok and necessary to take a break now and then.  I'm going to keep putting all that I've learned from my time with Abigail into practice; all of her insight was helpful, and the new habits I've developed will definitely keep benefiting me in the future. 

The two things I appreciated the most about my experience with Abigail is that she has a heart for the Lord and that she isn't pushy with her coaching.  We talked about many ideas and options and things to try, and she always encouraged me to explore and do whatever worked best for me.  She made sure that it was a very individualized experience for me and that I got the most out of my experience as her client.

Cynthia W., Grad Student  USA

Cynthia W., Grad Student


I cannot express enough how much this coaching series was such a God-send for me at just the right time!  Before I worked with Abigail, I felt unsure about my abilities and overwhelmed by the expectations of others.  I wanted a better way to live with intention and purpose, and to have more of a schedule in my life to focus my time.  I also wanted to work on having a healthier lifestyle as well as self-image and confidence during an uncertain time in my life.  Abigail’s gift of discerning what questions to ask and how to ask them, coupled with such a non-intimidating, client-focused atmosphere, helped me to take ownership of the process and make progress.

Since working with Abigail, I have a renewed understanding of who I am in Christ and that I am able to praise Him in times of uncertainty.  I have also developed a balance in intentional living: I can be successful and intentional even when giving myself “me time”.  I’ve learned that I don't have to be so hard on myself!  I’ve also completely changed my self-image and health; it really isn't about the numbers or what others expect of me.  It’s about making healthy choices while also loving myself as I am right now and praising God for who I am and what He is doing in my life currently.  I’m actually looking forward to the future because I am so refreshed after my coaching experience with Abigail, and I also feel confident knowing that I now have a plan for how to deal with inevitable circumstances as they arise.  I’ve also discovered new ways to motivate myself when needed to stay on task and get things done.

Tara Langer, Stay-at-Home Mom  Germany

Tara Langer, Stay-at-Home Mom


I came to Abigail because I was struggling with self-confidence and low self-esteem; I had very little confidence in myself and was very unsure of myself and my future.  Since working with Abigail, things have just seemed to blossom in my life.  It's amazing how differently I feel about myself and my life situation because she helped me to realize who I am in Christ and to Christ, and that realization changed everything for me! 

Abigail was the right coach for me because, first of all, she puts the Lord first by praying for and with her clients.  Secondly, she's very real and down to earth; she was very plugged into listening to my feelings, imagining how I felt, and then helping me to discern and apply truth to the root of the problem.  When she needed to share some truths I needed to hear, she did so in an amazingly loving and non-judgmental way.  She's also kind of hilarious! She made me laugh and I just really enjoyed talking to her.  I feel positive, hopeful, confident, and so excited for the future after our time together!

Grace L., Teacher  USA

Grace L., Teacher


When I first connected with Abigail, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I wanted to set myself in a position to be transformed by God, and I was expecting it to take intentional effort on my part to see growth and change in my life.  I was hoping I could be open and honest with Abigail.  I know that nobody’s perfect, but sometimes people put a “perfect” label on me because they know my husband is a minister.  I knew that I would only be able to grow if I was honest about my struggles or areas of my life that I wasn’t happy with or felt like I could grow in.  So when Abigail replied to my inquiry about coaching and shared some insight about what coaching is, I felt like it was an answer to my prayer that I had been waiting for.  One of my favorite things about working with Abigail is that she doesn’t hesitate to say, “I’ve been there…”  I felt so comfortable and like I could be real with her!  Since undergoing coaching with Abigail, I think the biggest change for me has been my view of my relationship with the Lord.  It was so freeing when I shifted my mindset from one of obligation to one of enjoyment and discovering different ways to spend time with Him.

Minseon Kim, QA Software Engineer  South Korea

Minseon Kim, QA Software Engineer

South Korea

I wanted to work with Abigail to clarify and confirm the direction I was going, as I was in a period of transition and there were several options I could choose.  At first, I was very curious about coaching and wondered what the consultation would be like because I’d never had one before, and after that first session, I found it very helpful!  Abigail asked me some pointed questions right away that helped me to really think about my situation, and I was able to see the actual root and source of some blocks that had been holding me back.  With her help, I was also able to come up with some solutions and ways to work through these blocks.  It was so good to know I had someone who constantly paid close attention to my situation and struggles during our time together.  Abigail wanted to help me and sincerely prayed for me!  I would definitely recommend Abigail to women who need some insight, guidance, and genuine care and support.


Kelsea Watkins, Behavior Coach and Blogger  USA

Kelsea Watkins, Behavior Coach and Blogger


During our first session, Abigail asked really good questions that helped me to think deeper into my life. I also really appreciated the resources she gave me after the session.  While working with Abigail, I was able to work on some personal goals like strengthening my self-confidence and my relationship with my husband.  I've also started setting and working toward monthly goals for myself.  I'm excited to see what God has in store for my life as I keep working toward these goals!

Abigail was open, willing, and ready to help.  She was a listening ear when I didn't even know I needed one, and she offered helpful insight when I needed it.

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