1-hour MEntoring Session

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 Hey hey!  I’m so excited you’re considering having a mentoring session with me!  

I mentor Christians who are ready to have a breakthrough in their season.

If you want to:

  • put yourself into a position to be changed by God

  • learn how to press through to a breakthrough and live with purpose in your season

  • receive feedback and insight from me (as well as a ton of encouragement!)

  • gain access to tools and resources that will help you live with a deeper spiritual purpose

…then this mentoring session is for you!

Are you where you want to be in your life and faith?

If your answer is no, you’re not alone.

For a long time, I struggled with feeling like something was missing from my life because I didn’t seem to be accomplishing as much as other people around me. I was stuck working a job that didn’t pay nearly enough while other people were chasing their dreams. I didn’t see how God could possibly use me where I was at because I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything worthwhile. I felt trapped in a season of waiting when I wanted to be in a season of harvest. Fast forward several years and here I am today looking back at all the work God did within me preparing me for where I am today.

God wanted me to learn how to live with more focus, more intention, and most importantly to me, with a sense of deep purpose in how I lived each day - even when in a waiting season!

If you can identify with how I felt and you’d like to start living in the season you’re in right now (instead of wishing it was different), and you’re ready to start using the time God’s given you more wisely (instead of just staring out the window everyday as it passes you by), then I’m inviting you to have a one-on-one heart-to-heart with me; I’d love to spend an hour encouraging you and teaching you some of the ways I’ve learned to pursue a breakthrough with the Lord, as well as to be more intentional with my time and more purposeful with my mindset and daily actions.

God can use you right where you’re at.

In fact, He actually really wants to!

Let’s talk about what that looks like for you and how you can be renewed and prepared for the next thing God has for you.

What it is:

The Breakthrough Mentoring Session is an intensive, one-on-one consultation-style session designed to jump start your journey to discovering what God has for you right where you’re at.  You’ll come into the session with your questions, challenges, and maybe a little bit of uncertainty, and you’ll leave with clarity, vision, and a plan of action to get you started in the direction you want to go.

This session is designed to bring clarity and insight to where you’re at right now as well as cast a vision for where you want to be.  It’s a way to jump start your journey to living your season to the fullest and to feel a sense of progress (even if you’re in a waiting season).

who it’s for:

The Breakthrough Mentoring Session is for people who are ready to stop feeling stuck or limited and who want to really move forward with the Lord and what He’s calling them to during this season.  It’s perfect for those who want to start living their current season to the fullest and just need a little push to get started!

It’s NOT for you if you aren’t ready and willing to put in the work. (Just being honest here!) Even though this is a one-time session, that doesn’t mean I can wave a Magic Wand and have you living your dream life within the hour. There are no “quick fixes” - real change requires real effort and consistent work.

This one-hour session is designed to be intensive, therefore:

I only work with those who are ready to make changes.

If you’re not ready, I lovingly encourage you not to apply. (But totally come back when you are ready!)

What it looks like:

My one-on-one coaching and mentoring operates on an invite-only basis, so I ask all potential clients to complete a detailed questionnaire in order for both of us to become crystal clear on what each person wants and in what areas they’re craving growth and change.

If I feel we’re a good match to work together, I’ll send you a welcome email along with a link to pay for your session. After processing your payment, I’ll send a link to schedule your session. (By the way, if I don’t feel we’d be a good fit to work together as mentor and client, I will be upfront with you - no pressure here, my friend! - and I will do my best to provide you with the name of another coach or program I think would be best suited for your needs.)

During the session, we’ll talk about things like:

  • What kind of breakthrough you need in your current season

  • Ways you can overcome your unique challenges

  • How to identify your priorities and what you really need in your season

  • A plan of action for you based on your priorities and what you need

What It Includes:

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The mentoring session includes:

  • one 1 hour session (audio or video, your choice)

  • two weeks of email support following our session

  • one follow-up session (up to 30 minutes)

  • a plan of action created together to get you started

  • a personalized summary containing:

    -notes & “aha moments” from our session

    -recommended resources from me

    -personalized journal prompts

    -insight & feedback from me

Your Investment: $80

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

If you’re nodding your head yes right now, then I’m inviting you to apply below for a 1-hour heart-to-heart talk with me.  Helping others have that breakthrough with the Lord is what I LOVE to do, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear about where you’re at and where you’d like to go with your life and dreams!

Your potential in the Lord is unlimited - let’s breakthrough to reach your potential together!


mentoring session application:

I would love the opportunity to get to know you better and for you to tell me openly and honestly about what you would most like to achieve from our time together.   Your information is safe, and everything you share here is confidential.  Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can dive right in during our call. The more detail and insight you provide, the better I can help you!

Thank you!



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