Want to learn how to embrace your season, take steps forward, and cultivate friendships with others who are doing the same?

If you’re nodding your head yes, then I’m inviting you to join the online group mentorship program I’ve created with my fellow Christian life coach Hannah Murphy.

Our program combines group coaching with a virtual classroom to create an environment that gives you the support you need to learn and grow on your own as well as with others who are on the same path. It's the best of both worlds!

If you're feeling stuck or frustrated with where you're at, and you want to overcome any habits, mindsets, or self-sabotaging behaviors that might be holding you back, while also learning to discern God's will and set goals that you will actually achieve, then this is the program you’ve been waiting for!


We’re going to tackle topics like:

  • mindsets and habits

  • setting and achieving goals

  • learning to discern God’s will

  • what to do in challenging seasons

Join our community and grab our FREE e-book!

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5 Steps to Awaken Your More

What It Includes:

A PDF download sent directly to your inbox with themed content and simple action steps to help you gain clarity, confidence and reach your God-given potential.

Topics Covered:

  • Unleashing Your New Mindset

  • Focusing on the Voices that Matter

  • Discerning God’s Calling

  • Creating a Vision for Your Season

  • Taking the First Step


Each month we go live on instagram [@awakenyourmore] to talk about a topic on our hearts or answer a FAQ. It’s free and we would love to see you at our next live! They take place on the first Monday of every month!

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