When You're Tired of Waiting on God

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Have you ever been so tired of persevering in your waiting season that you just throw up your hands and say, “I’ll be here forever!  Nothing I do seems to make any difference at all!”


I have.


Back at the first of the year, God had me in a season of waiting on Him, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t seem to move myself forward during that time.  It can be so challenging for me to keep my mind focused on Christ during these seasons because I often grow weary of waiting and waiting and waiting.


During this particular season of waiting, I caught myself saying, “Why am I even trying to do anything right now?  Nothing I do matters...” a lot in a defeated, self-pitying way. But one day I took a moment to think about the thought process I’d become trapped in, and reality finally hit me.  I thought, “It’s really true. Nothing I do matters; only what God does matters.”  In other words, I can do all the “right things” and try to move myself forward to the best of my ability through my own efforts, but if God’s not working or ready to work in my situation, then nothing I do on my own makes any difference.


So then, I asked myself, “Does anything I do really matter?”  And I realized that yes, some things I do matter very much.  


So what kinds of things really matter in a waiting season?


  • Worshiping God matters

  • Praising Him matters

  • Thanking Him matters

  • Seeking Him matters

  • Surrendering to Him matters

  • Holding onto Him matters

  • Believing His Word matters

  • Trusting His character matters

  • Waiting on His timing matters

  • Confessing my sins matters

  • Repenting from my sins matters

  • Asking Him for help, forgiveness, wisdom, etc. matters

  • Relying on His grace matters

  • Walking as a victor matters

  • Taking a stand against the enemy matters

  • Taking every thought captive matters

  • Rejecting the lies of Satan with God’s Word matters

  • Seeking His Kingdom first in all things matters

  • Abiding in Him matters

  • Obeying Him matters

  • Staying faithful matters

  • Studying Scripture matters

  • Sharing His love matters

  • Using my spiritual gifts matters

  • Guarding my heart matters

  • Lifting up my loved ones in prayer matters

  • Lifting up myself in prayer matters


Contrary to what I originally thought, so many things I do matter.  While I can’t control the outcome of each situation that comes along, I can totally control - with His help - how I think about, speak about, believe about, and respond to each situation that comes along.


What I do does matter because what I do determines what God does in that He will see my heart and true motives, and He will either bless my obedience and faithfulness or leave me to the consequences of my unbelief or inaction.


If you’re in a season of waiting and you’re trying your best to get out of it, may I encourage you to stop trying to escape it and to simply relax and allow it?


Allow God to grow you.

Allow God to strengthen you.

Allow God to teach you.

Allow God to stretch you.


Allow God to do the work behind the scenes while you catch your breath and rest in His goodness and grace.


He hasn’t forgotten about you, and He isn’t going to leave you in this time of waiting forever. He’s simply preparing the next season of your life for you, and He’s also preparing you for that new season in the process by teaching you to trust and wait on Him.



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