Clarify Your Calling: An Interview with Kelsea Watkins

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Hi Kelsea, please tell us about yourself, your blog and ministry, and how you were called to start it.

I’m 23. I’ve been married to my husband Jarin for a year and 4 months. We live in a little one bedroom apartment with our puppy Rudi. I graduated from Oral Roberts University last May with my bachelor's degree in psychology and I’m currently working as a behavior coach at an elementary school. I started a blog in December 2016, but it wasn’t until June 2017 that I launched “The Well”. The idea came to me in my senior year of college as I was doing a project for my “church planting” class. We had to come up with an idea for a church plant and how we would carry out the plan. I began to think “this could really be something”. So I turned it into a blog/ministry! I have loved every minute of it and I am constantly thinking of new ways to get resources out there for other young women like me.


How do you define calling?

Calling is who we are.  It is the purpose that God birthed within us.


Has your calling ever changed?

So I feel like this question has 2 parts for me.

Overall, I would say no. The reason for this is because I believe that we ultimately all have the same calling. That calling is to be disciples of Jesus and to make His name known. However, the way we each carry out that calling will be different and individualized.

So, I would say that the way I have carried out my calling has changed over time.


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I believe that we will constantly develop new ways to carry out our callings. We may not always be pastors, teachers, writers, or musicians but we will always be called to disciple.



Is your calling also your job right now? 

Yes and no... I know, I’m complicated.

No, because I don’t necessarily feel my job is where I’m called to be forever. I do feel it’s where I’m supposed to be right now to make ends meet and to develop as a person. But I feel that my writing/encouraging others is more of my calling.

But yes, because I can be a disciple in my job setting. It may not be explicit, because I work in a public school. But I can disciple kids and the people I work with by my actions and words.

I would love to make writing and encouraging others my full time job. I’m working on it by continually writing and connecting with others. I’m also working towards it by saving money with the job I have now. I’m still considering life coaching, but it takes money! So I’m waiting for the right season.


What’s been your biggest joy in living out your current calling?

Hearing back from others. I love to know that what I’m doing is actually purposeful.


What’s been your biggest learning in living out your current calling?

Life is a process. You can’t get from A to C without first passing through B.


What’s been your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it?

Understanding my identity. I went through a tough relationship in high school and it really robbed me of who I was. But then I found Jesus and my identity through Him.

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I believe if we as Christians could just grab a hold of who we are in Christ, then we would lead far more effective lives.



Was there ever a time when you felt discouraged or wanted to give up pursuing your calling?

Yes! I battle with the thoughts of “is it worth it?” and “am I even making a difference?” often. It’s one of those things the enemy tries to get me down with. But when I am in relationship with Christ and I know my identity and purpose, then it is much easier to ignore those thoughts.


What’s something God has been teaching you lately?

Many things, but a constant theme in my life is “process”. As I stated above “life is a process”. For some reason this is just hard for me to grasp, so God is constantly reminding me of this.


What encouragement would you like to offer to the woman reading this right now?

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You have purpose and you are called.

Just because you haven’t “made it” yet, doesn’t mean you aren’t called.

If you want to know your calling, go read Matthew 28:16-20.

You are a disciple of Jesus. He has called you to further His Kingdom. It’s for His glory, not yours.

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Kelsea Watkins is a 23 year old, living in the great state of Oklahoma with her sweet husband Jarin and her puppy Rudi. She blogs over at The Bloom Co. where the whole purpose is to find hope and build community.

"I would love for you to join us!" - Kelsea

Connect with Kelsea on Instagram: @kelseamoriah

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