3 Ways to Stop Limiting God (and Yourself)

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There have been several times in my life when I’d been begging God to work, and all I heard in return was silence.  Sometimes, the silence was simply due to the fact that God wasn’t ready to work, and I had to learn to wait for His timing.  Other times, however, the silence was due to my own wrong thinking, unbelief, and inaction.


I had to learn that God isn’t going to bless me if I choose to meditate on lies instead of meditating on truth from His Word.  He also isn’t going to bless my unbelief or my inaction.


My wrong thinking, unbelief, and inaction were basically keeping His hands tied and limiting what He could do in my life, while also limiting myself and what I could do through Him.  


So if you’re experiencing what I did, then I’d like to share with you three ways you can begin to take the limitations off of God and off of yourself, so that He is free to work in you and through you as He sees fit.  You can click here to read all about it in my article for the Work in Progress Movement.

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