3 Tips for Embracing Your Season

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Are you in a confusing, frustrating, or challenging season of life?


Maybe God is stretching you or asking you to do something you’re not sure you’re ready to do. Maybe He’s showing you some areas in your life that need correction.  Maybe He’s just gone completely silent and is asking you to be still and wait on Him.


I know how painful and exhausting those seasons can be, and God has had to gradually do a work in my heart to show me that He has a reason for each season of life, and that He wants me to view each season as a learning and growing experience with Him.


While I’m definitely not an expert at it, I’d like to share 3 tips for embracing your season, and I hope they are helpful and encouraging to you in your season as well!


1.  Allow  

Allow God to do whatever He’s trying to do.  It may be frustrating.  It may be painful.  It may be slow.  It may be so fast you haven’t even had a chance to process the changes.  But whatever He’s trying to do in your current season, allow it.  Let go of your need for control, trust Him, and surrender to what He’s trying to teach you or to do in your season.  


Allow Him to also fill you with peace about where you’re at.  That’s a hard one because so many of us don’t realize we’re resisting His peace, but we do resist His peace at times because we think being at peace with where we’re at means we’ve “settled” or that we’re 100% happy about where we’re at.  But we can be at peace without settling and without being thrilled about our situation. We find our contentment in Him, not in our circumstances, so allow Him to work and to fill you with His peace.


2.  Ask  

Ask God to work.  Ask God to teach you something or show you something.  Ask God to allow you to see evidence of His working or to send you some encouragement if you’re having a hard time.  I did this recently; I was feeling so discouraged and I just prayed asking God to send me some encouragement.  I woke up the next morning to three messages of encouragement and two of them were from people I didn’t even know!  


It’s ok to ask!  God wants to show us that He’s in control and that He’s got us safely in His hands, so when we ask Him, He will answer us.


3.  Advance  

Advance or move forward into whatever He’s calling you to in this season.  If He’s calling you to quietness and rest, don’t fill up your schedule with activities to keep yourself busy.  Block off time to rest and be still with Him.  If He’s calling you to take action, take the action He’s asking you to take!  


If He’s calling you to wait - you may be thinking, “I can’t advance if He wants me to wait” but actually, you can because you can advance in your spiritual growth and learning in this season. Even when you feel you’re at a complete standstill, there’s always a way you can advance with Him, and if you’re not sure where you can start moving forward, ask Him!


I hope these tips were helpful!


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