20 Self-Care Ideas That Take 5 Minutes or Less (Yes, Really!)

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If you’ve ever struggled with the idea of self-care, then I’d like to reassure you that you’re not alone.  A lot of Christians seem to think that self-care means being selfish or frivolous, but that’s actually not what self-care is at all.  If you’d like to read more on this, I’ve written a post addressing some common misconceptions that Christians seem to have about self-care.


One misconception about self-care is that it takes a lot of time, but that isn’t necessarily true. There are small changes we can make and small habits we can form that will fit well into our daily lives.


To get you started, I’m going to cover four of the main areas where we need to be taking care of ourselves each day, and I’m going to share some self-care activities that we can do in just a few minutes for each of those areas.


By the way, my goal isn’t to tell you what you need because there’s no way I would know that. What works for me may not what for you.  We’re all different, and we all have different needs at different times.


My goal is to inspire you to give yourself what you need in a way that works for you.


20 Self-Care Ideas That Take 5 Minutes or Less



Go for a walk.  (A quick walk around the block will only take about 5 minutes!  Can’t get out and walk?  Get up and stretch for 5 minutes.)

Drink a glass of water.  (Don’t like water?  Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.)

Wash your face and put on a sheet mask or moisturizer.

Light a candle or diffuse essential oils while you clean and do housework.

Go to bed 5 minutes early.  (Need to have an earlier bedtime but can’t seem to make it?  Try going to bed 5 minutes early, then add 5 minutes the next night, and keep going to bed 5 minutes earlier each night until you hit your targeted bedtime.)



Take a break and look out the window for 5 minutes.

Turn your phone on silent.

Read.  (Keep an uplifting book or daily devotional on hand or bookmark an inspirational page on your browser and read for 5 minutes when you need a quick mental refresh.)

Create a to do list for the day so you stay on track.

Doodle.  (Don’t want to “waste time” doodling?  Jot down some ideas that have been floating around in your brain or write a list of lessons you’ve been learning lately or things you want to remember.)



Read Scripture.  (Turn to Psalms or have some uplifting passages bookmarked.)

Pray.  (Remember to pray for yourself too!  No, it’s not selfish!)

Listen to a praise song.  (You can even sing along!)

Meditate on a Scripture or work on memorizing it.

Create a gratitude list or write an entry in your gratitude journal.  (Need help with this? I’ve got you covered.)



Journal for 5 minutes about anything on your heart.

Send an encouraging text.  (You’ll be encouraged just by encouraging someone else!)

Say an affirmation.  (Example:  “I am blessed.” - Psalm 33:1-2 / “I am complete in Christ.” - Colossians 2:10)

Watch a short, cute/funny video and have a good laugh.

Write down at least one person you need to thank, forgive, or apologize to.


No more excuses, my friend - it’s time to take care of yourself!



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