Christian Life Coach Abigail Folds

Hey, I'm Abigail!

I’m an internationally trained and qualified life coach on a mission to encourage and inspire other people to live the lives they’re being called to live.  

I believe we are each on this earth for a reason, and I LOVE helping people realize and own that truth so that they can reach their God-given potential in all areas of life.

I combine life and faith in my coaching because what is life without faith?  I help my clients grow their faith in God while also empowering them to grow their faith in themselves and the amazing person God created them to be.  One of my biggest joys is seeing people walk in freedom, live with confidence, and grow in purpose.


What I Do:

I coach and mentor people who want MORE.  More purpose.  More freedom.  More Christ-centeredness.  More growth.  More confidence.  More intention.  More strength.  More consistency.  More options.   People who want to go deeper in their walk with Christ and who are ready to live out their calling in every aspect of their lives.  I love helping my clients grow, dive deep, and walk in purpose every day - free from doubts, fears, and insecurities and fully grounded in the amazing, confident person God has created them to be.

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Arianna Gray, Founder of  Remain Authentic

Arianna Gray, Founder of Remain Authentic


The process that I created with Abigail for achieving my dreams and goals has helped me not become so overwhelmed while working toward my passions.  It's also been freeing to be able to release some fears and share more of who I am in my creative work and has helped me to connect more with other creatives.  Now that I have a system in place for focusing on my priorities and organizing my ideas, the feeling of always being overwhelmed has left and my love for lettering and the reasons why I started Remain Authentic in the first place have resurfaced.

Grace L., Teacher

Grace L., Teacher




I know that nobody’s perfect, but sometimes people put a “perfect” label on me because they know my husband is a minister.  I knew that I would only be able to grow if I was honest about my struggles or areas of my life that I wasn’t happy with or felt like I could grow in.  One of my favorite things about working with Abigail is that she doesn’t hesitate to say, “I’ve been there…”  I felt so comfortable and like I could be real with her!  Since undergoing coaching with Abigail, I think the biggest change for me has been my view of my relationship with the Lord.  It was so freeing when I shifted my mindset from one of obligation to one of enjoyment and discovering different ways to spend time with Him.


If you’ve been feeling a tug on your heart to go deeper, to live each day with intention, and to learn to embrace your season while becoming rooted in your calling, I would love to help. 

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How I Became a Coach:

When I was in college and trying to “figure out what to do with my life”, God put a desire in me to help other people grow, become confident in the person they were created to be, and to live up to their potential.  Before I knew what life coaching was, I considered studying counseling, but that never felt like the right fit for me.  I didn’t feel drawn toward helping people work through their past; I wanted to help them grow and move toward a wonderful, exciting future!  So when I first heard about life coaching, I felt a spark in me and knew this was my calling.

I didn’t become a coach right away.  As I worked in several different service jobs, God taught me, grew me, and matured me.  Then He finally opened up the opportunity for me to become a coach and I love it!  Coaching offers people the chance to go from where they are right now to where they want to be months down the road – all with the encouragement, accountability, and support of a coach who’s cheering for them and wants to see them succeed.

I’ve seen my clients let go of old fears and overcome strongholds and mindsets that have been hindering their growth.  They experience a deeper sense of purpose and a new found sense of freedom.  Many of them joyfully and confidently step into their calling, which may be something that’s been in their hearts for a while but they’ve just now found the courage to do it.  Some of my clients discover a whole new way to relate to God or a new way to live out the purpose and passion He’s given them.

I want the same for you, too!  If you’ve been craving some growth and change in your life, but you're not sure what coaching is or how it can help you, then step right this way, my friend – I’ve got you covered!




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